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25th August, 2013. 11:42 pm. Goodbyes and Farewells

So I've spent just over a week in Malaysia catching up with the relatives on a sort of holiday. This is the last night, and we've just done some of the goodbyes.

I suppose several things have struck me while I've been here.

This isn't a perfect family, but there is a clan here and they work and live together. It really does bring home how isolating it is to not have a big family unit around you.

My grandma also has dementia, and watching my grandfather tolerate her is an eye opening experience. Sure, there are times when he can't stand her, but he does care for her tenderly even though she hardly can remember anything anymore. This is love, which you promise when walking down the aisle to love and cherish in sickness and in health, but to keep loving a sometimes drooling and fearful incompetent is something to behold.

I've also gone to my grandparents church, and the warmth with which they greet my grandmother, and the warmth they extend to us as her family and as fellow believers is fantastic. It does show something of the work of God.

My other observations too are about life and responsibility to the bigger picture are reinforced by the actions an inactions of people here. It reminds me that no man is an island, but everyone who believes that is starting tectonic shift. (Or something like that.)

It's been a great time to catch up. I will miss it. As I always say, I need to come more often.

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11th August, 2013. 1:35 am. Long Time Between Drinks

It's been nearly 5 years since my last post, and I am returned with a renewed interest in blogging. Many things have changed, but the need to wax lyrical and continue my internal monologue (my soliloquy if you will) remains.

We shall see if this is a continued interest, or if this blog will be supplanted by another.

All I can say is that the use of this as a procrastination tool persists. I need to write a work e-mail, but instead I find myself back here, continuing my soliloquy. Things come and things go, but some things remain.

Current mood: quixotic.

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11th October, 2008. 8:20 pm. The Dark Side...

I succumbed to the facebook craze too... Basically procrastinating because I have an assignment due... Gah! Stress...

Last week was a productive work week though. One (huge) pump station design out, one pump station passed its initial pump tests, and another was accepted for service. I'm a real pump station designer now!

Current mood: procrastinating.

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24th September, 2008. 9:54 pm. I can see clearer now the (metaphorical) rain has gone...

Whoa, been feeling extremely stressed at work. But things look like they're finally moving and I can see more clearly now that things are not hanging over me any more. Of course it helps that I also finished a bunch of assignments, though more will soon be on their way!

Anyway, I'm here to report that I'm still alive.

As an annecdote, the long awaited pump station for the N subdivision pumped for the first time (pump testing only) last Friday... It's only taken how long?

Another minor pump station for the B subdivision also looks like it may pump before the end of October...

As a result of these two pump stations the WA housing market will support something like 7000 more houses for people to live in...

The next pump station to watch for are the pump stations for the K and F subdivisions I'm working on now... These are causing me major stress, but hopefully the initial submissions should go out soon.

It's weird seeing these things becoming reality, but damnit they were stressful. I don't know if the reality of them really makes up for the stress either... But oh well, interesting anyway! I'll tell you if and when I decide...

Current mood: accomplished.

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7th September, 2008. 11:49 pm. Ah bugger!

Well, its assignment time for me. I have 2 x 2000 word essays due and I'm about 3/4 of the way through writing the first one. (And then references afterwards...) Basically this is an exercise in procrastination! I just can't focus.

Can't concentrate, 'skipped' work on Friday and had about 10 hours sleep since I woke up Friday midday. I'm currently living on Red Bull.

But yes, I'm screwed. 45 odd hours of work and 6 hours of class a week leads to a very tired person... Even so with my 45 houtrs of work a week I'm starting to fall ever further behind!

Here's a stupid question to anyone who is actually reading this... Should I extend my enrolment and go for a higher degree? I want to but don't want to if you know what I mean... What I do know is that I can't manage 2 units per semester.

At any rate, FYI to everone out there, I'm alive and mostly well. Actually, medically I've been told I'm very well! :P

Back to the grindstone...

Current mood: frustrated.

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28th April, 2008. 9:23 am. I feel like I'm in space...

I'm screaming, but nobody can hear it!

Current mood: frantic.

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6th March, 2008. 12:20 am. I am still at work!

Just so you all know I have no life. (Actually it's so I can go on holiday next week to Melbourne and Sydney)

But still, this sucks...

Current mood: tired.

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28th February, 2008. 10:44 am. Gay Cars :P

I'm sure you've all seen the cute little Home building society minis with their garish paint jobs that all look kinda gay... They also happen to have custom number plates, which are of the form 'Home XX' (with the X's representing numbers).

Well, I got confirmation of that today. Today I saw 'Home 01' (home oh one) and 'Home 02' (home oh too) together, with 2 following 1 rather suspiciously closely... I mean, really...

Current mood: amused.

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26th February, 2008. 10:36 pm. Wet Blanket!

So I had uni today, and during our tute we were talking about all the things we that could be done. So I decided to try and give them a reality check on the time and cost of doing some of that work, but they never let me finish. So I just came across as a wet blanket that everyone now hates! :P

In other news, I was asked if I wanted a job by somebody I had just severely criticised (privately) for doing crap work! He asked me if I had considered a job in the mining sector. I said, 'Maybe,' but what I didn't say was, 'but not with you'. Teehee! Besides, I'm sure their pump stations would be pretty pissy and flimsy as buggery since they're all for very short lifespans only.

At least work was relatively quiet today. Spent ages out of the office doing a site inspection and didn't get much else done except work out that my former place of employment's e-mail is being stupid and randomly bouncing e-mails.

So yeah, I'm just lots of fun today!

Current mood: cynical.

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25th February, 2008. 11:24 pm. Not So Lazy Day!

Wow, been a long day. I feel quite satisfied at having achieved a fair bit today. Just the fact that now at the end of it I feel like I need to have done more and that there is still so much more to do!

So managed to get off a long e-mail about a pump station detailing all the work that we've done since the start but not gotten any feedback on. Also managed to get another project sort of moving along towards completion. Lots and lots of finicky fine details to finish, and really annoying! After work I helped out at brigades at church, teaching the boys about hiking even though we have way too little time! Then we had a class even after that.

Finally got home to dinner at 9:30, showered, relaxed and here I am! I need to go to site tomorrow to do an inspection of a pump station, then hopefully I can take the afternoon slowly before uni!

So much stuff to do! If only I could get some feedback on the work I have done!

Current mood: exhausted.

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